Anna Miles Gallery

Octavia Cook

Born in Auckland, 1978.

Bedazzled OC Brooch, 2014

The Cook & Co Dynasty, 2011

The Camoufleur, 2015

The Camoufleur, 2014

RMN, 2014

Canine Bovine Liaison Ring, 2013

Counterfeit Epidermis Motif Brooch, 2010

Cloned Counterfeit Epidermis Motif Pendant & Snake Chain, 2011

A Captain and A Lady, 2010

Off with Her Head Brooch, 2010

acrylic, oxidised stg silver

Off with her Head Incognito Brooch, 2011


Royal Gilded Ectoplasm Brooch Portrait, 2011

Counterfeit Epidermis Motif Brooch Portrait, 2011

Off with her Head Brooch Portrait, 2011

O Cook & J Cook Studded Confrontation Brooch, 2010

Wig Riot Brooch, 2010

The Monicas, Edition of 10 Miniature Cameos featuring the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery's founding patron, Monica Brewster (nee Govett), commissioned by the Gallery for its 40th anniversary, 2010

The Cook & Co Dynasty: An Amalgamation of Pedigree (Ivory), 2009

The Cook & Co Dynasty: An Amalgamation of Pedigree (Ebony), 2009


The Cook & Co Dynasty: An Amalgamation of Pedigree (Ebony), 2009 (Reverse)

The Cook & Co Conglomerate Trifecta, 2009

Death of the Pony Tail, 2009

Cook & Co Accoutrements for the Entitled Cameos (from top left, Her Majesty c1948, Her Imperial Highness c1969, The Maharani c1650, Captain O. Cook, 2009

Mutual Admiration Brooches (OC wears QEII / QEII wears OC), 2008

Kokku Kaisha Pre-Antiquing Brooch, 2009

Kokku Kaisha Post-Antiquing Brooch, 2009

A Diplomatic Acquisition for the Ambassador of the Bi-Cultural Merger, 2008

Madam Kokku Kaisha Opus Tesselatum, 2009

An Inheritance of Monumental Sentiment, 2009

Estranged Head & Tail earrings, 2009

A Fine Pair, 2007

A Solemn Portrait, 2007

Sooty Cook, from Loved & Lost, 2007

Alexander Cook from Loved & Lost, 2007

Gucci Cook from Loved & Lost, 2007

The Two Pretenders, 2007

Skull Cameo, 2006

Good OC in Octo Prison and Bad OC in Octo Prison, 2006

OC V QEII Reversible Cameo (1 side QEII profile, the other OC), 2006

Octo Macaw and Octo OC, 2005

Cook family rings, 2005 from Cook & Co: The Family Jewels, 2005

A Vulgar Show of Wealth, 2007 from from Accoutrements for the Entitled

Her Majesty Trophy Necklace, 2007 from Accoutrements for the Entitled

Tsarina Mirror Pendant, 2007 from Accoutrements for the Entitled

Octopus Earrings, 2005

Miss B. Van Someren (nee Cook) Miniature Cameo Dress Ring, 2005, Octopus Ring, 2005, QEII Miniature Cameo Dress Ring, 2005

Mr & Mrs Cook, 2005

Cook & Co Company Policy Chain, 2005

'Better than the real thing' jewels, 2002

'Better than the real thing' pearl bow brooch, 2003

J. Cook & O. Cook, 2001