Anna Miles Gallery

Peter Hawkesby

Born in Auckland, 1950

Tender Brick: The Material Epiphanies of Peter Hawkesby, Objectspace, 13 Rose Rd Ponsonby, Auckland. Until 21 February 2020

K-Rd Couple, 2020

K-Rd Ballroom, 2020

Cook Strait Te Moana-o-Raukawa,2020

Ticks and Pillars on Sumo Saucer, 2020

Bright St Garden, 2020

Recembent Loops, 2020

Loitering Loops, 2020


Pink T Pot on Stilt, 1982

Pink T Pot on Stilt, 1982 and Blunted Devil Cup, 2018 on Shelf by Warwick Freeman, 2016

Blunted Devil Cup, 2018 on Shelf by Warwick Freeman, 2016

The smell valve test trio with chorus, 2019

Hayakawa Garden I and II, 2019, 260-285mm (H)

Hayakawa Garden III, 2019, 240mm (H)

Fan and blue cup, 2019, 390mm (H)





Fan and blue cup, 2019, 390mm (H) (Reverse View)




Untitled, 2019, 340mm (H)



Untitled, 2019, 340mm (H) (Alternative View)


Rashington Palace I, 2019, 470mm (H)

Rashington Palace II, 2019, 450mm (H)

Rashington Palace III, 2019, 400mm (H)







MNVWZ I, 2019, 385mm (H)

White demolition tick, 2019, 295mm (H)

MNVWZ II, 2019, 430mm (H)

Black Doris, 2019, 340mm (H)

MNVWZ III, 2019, 280mm (H)

Tick on an ice rock, 2019, 235mm (H)

MNVWZ IV, 2019, 360mm (H)

Terracotta Tick, 2019, 360mm (H)

MNVWZ V, 2019, 340mm (H)

Corrugated Tick, 2019, 345mm (H)

MNVWZ VI, 2019, 340mm (H)

The Lois Tick, 2019, 340mm (H)

MNVWZ VII, 2019, 355mm (H)

MNVWZ VIII, 2019, 285mm (H)

Tick in a clutch bag, 2019, 390mm (H)

MNVWZ IX, 2019, 300mm (H)

Fan and tick, 2019, 320mm (H)

Impaled tick with blushing cheeks, 2019, 300mm (H)

MNVWZ X, 2019, 385mm (H)

Blue tick on brick, 2019, 365mm (H)

MNVWZ XI, 2019, 765mm (H)

Cliff tick, 2019. 350mm (H)

Armchair tick, 2019 395mm (H)

Tick on two Zs, 2019, 220mm (H)

Harlequin tick, 2019, 310mm (H)

Demolition tick, 2019, 320mm (H)

Tick of a cog, 2019, 360mm (H)

MNVWZ XII, 2019, 390mm (H)

Professor Tick, 2019, 320mm (H)

The Putiki survival tick, 2019, 400mm (H)

Major George, 2018

Baroness Hawkesblood, 2018

La Wally T, 2018

P & P, 2018

Gramps Stobo, 2018

Tokyo Wedding, 2018

Laughby’s Dark Funfair, 2018

P Carne H (B), 2018

KFH, 2018

Pip & Co, 2018

Pah Rd, 2018

Vicalvi, 2018

Vicalvi, 2018 (other side)

3 Loops in Landscape, 2018

Life Buoy, 2018

Knees-up Tick with a Wink, 2018

Waseda Tick, 2018

Two Ticks, 2018