Anna Miles Gallery

Warwick Freeman

Closer (to the sun)

03/11/21 — 26/11/21

Warwick Freeman was born in Nelson in 1953 and began making jewellery in 1972. As a prominent member of Auckland Jewellery Co-operative, Fingers, he was at the forefront of a rethinking of contemporary jewellery practice that occurred during the 1980s. As a consequence of this work, he is highly regarded internationally. In 2002, he was made a laureate by the Francoise van den Bosch Foundation based at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. In the same year he received a laureate award from the Arts Foundation of New Zealand.

As a jeweller, Freeman is a specialist in the social and personal uses of objects. He says, “I think you can question the utility of jewellery, but I always think of it as having utility. I always consider it in terms of its usefulness to people.” In the case of this exhibition he points the work inward, turning his attention to the intimate space between the piece and wearer. ‘Closer’ refers to the scale of the work — and jewellery’s capacity to be meaningful in ways that are up-close and personal.

For details of Warwick Freeman work available please contact Anna [email protected]

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Closer, 2021

Pink Monkey Bird, 2020
Rhondonite, oxidised silver, 75 x 35mm

Closer, 2021 (minus one Sodalite Baby Bird)

Kiss Star, 2021
Quartz, 43 x 43mm

Gaze, 2021
Carnelian, oxidised silver, 34 x 34mm

Baby Birds, 2021
L-R: Quartz; Jasper; Bloodstone. Sizes vary, 60-70mm L

Anchor, 2021
Pearl shell, 65 x 45mm

Nest, 2020
Jet, 35 x 30mm

Wing, 2021
Pig tusk, oxidised silver, 65 x 20mm

To the sun, 2021

Installed November 2021

Gum Work, 2021
Kauri Gum

Sun Moon, 2021
Concretion, 60 x 60mm

Sun Moon, 2021 (Reverse)

40 Pointed Star, 2021
Concretion, 65 x 56mm

40 Pointed Star, 2021 (Reverse)

Sun Bird, 2021
Concretion, 120mm