Anna Miles Gallery

Yellow Cup

Cat Fooks, Reece King, Peter Hawkesby, Sara McIntyre, Kristy Gorman, Kate Small, Karin Montgomery, Adrienne Vaughan, Isobel Thom, Warwick Freeman, Richard Stratton

10/11/21 — 26/11/21

A group show to celebrate re-opening.

Cat Fooks, Hot Pewter, 2021
Oil and mixed media on board, 460 x 365mm

Peter Hawkesby, Dazylure Yellow Cup on stand, 2021
Ceramic, 80mm H (excluding ‘plinth’)

Reece King, South of the Border, 2021
Oil on canvas, 700 x 700mm
with Warwick Freeman, Coil Bowl, 2016 (oxidised silver) on Warwick Freeman Shelf, 2016

Warwick Freeman, Coil Bowl, 2016
Oxidised silver

Kate Small, Karin Montgomery, Isobel Thom and Richard Stratton in Yellow Cup until 26 November

Kate Small, Often Green, 2021
Oil on board, 1000 x 1000mm, framed

Isobel Thom, Ikebana Vase, 2018
Ceramic, 260 H x 200 x 200mm

Karin Montgomery, Dahlia Pinnata, 2021

Richard Stratton, Remnants Teapot, 2020
Ceramic, 135mm H

Isobel Thom, Teapot and Cups, 2018
Ceramic, 165 x 160 x 90mm (Teapot)

Peter Hawkesby and Cat Fooks in the Drapery Cabinet

Cat Fooks, Hogback Island, 2020
Oil and mixed media, 500mm H

Peter Hawkesby, Minzy Teapot, 2019
Ceramic, 140mm H

Peter Hawkesby, Ōtepoti T Pot II, 2021
Ceramic, 240mm H

Cat Fooks, The Comfort Hotel, 2021
Oil and mixed media and bulb, 860mm H

Adrienne Vaughan, Untitled drawing, 2021
Oil and ink on paper, 410 x 295mm. Framed: 565 x 435mm

Kirsty Gorman, Ando, 2020
Ink on canvas, 350 x 300mm

Peter Hawkesby, Gyoza Deck, 2021
Ceramic, 750 H x 180 x 180mm

Gyoza deck in use

Sara McIntyre, Alan Taumata, 2015
Photographic print, 430 x 300mm, Framed 640 x 505mm

Peter Hawkesby, Noisy Boy, 2021
Ceramic, 420mm H

Peter Hawkesby, Who knows whose nose?, 2021
Ceramic, 400mm H

Reece King, Mt Macaroti, 2021
Acrylic, enamel and graphite on canvas,1000 x 1000mm

Warwick Freeman, Plinth IV, 2020