Anna Miles Gallery

Past Exhibition


We are taking a break. The Gallery is open by appointment until the new exhibitions are installed on Friday 22 July. Image: Sarah Hillary, Sunny, Awana, 2022, matchbox, paper and mixed media, 22 x 37 x 57mm

02/07/22 — 21/07/22

Past Exhibition

Winter Holiday

Gallery closed for break until Friday 16 July. Image: Skier on Coronet Peak. Whites Aviation Ltd: Photographs. Ref: WA-08992-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. /records/22601448

12/07/21 — 15/07/21

Past Exhibition

Room 12 Kōwhai Intermediate School

Pasifika Art Exhibition

10/07/21 — 11/07/21

Past Exhibition

Time Drag

Allan McDonald, Edith Amituanai, Solomon Mortimer, Haru Sameshima

30/05/21 — 03/07/21

Past Exhibition

Reece King


01/05/21 — 28/05/21

Past Exhibition

Barbara Tuck

Fever Lung

21/03/21 — 24/04/21

Past Exhibition

Kawakawa Tea

An End of Year Cornucopia: Richard Stratton, Karin Montgomery, Mark Braunias, Kristy Gorman, Cat Fooks, Edith Amituanai, Vita Cochran, Warwick Freeman, Octavia Cook, Isobel Thom, Peter Hawkesby, Sarah Hillary, Johanna Pegler, Two exceptional chairs and excellent books by Solomon Mortimer, Allan McDonald, Haru Sameshima, Sait Akkirman, Mapura Studios and Frances Walsh

16/12/20 — 23/12/20

Past Exhibition

Painting Painting Painting

Painting Painting Painting

29/11/20 — 05/12/20

Past Exhibition

Kristy Gorman


11/11/20 — 28/10/20

Past Exhibition

Cat Fooks

Impromptu Crabapple

21/10/20 — 07/11/20

Past Exhibition

Adrienne Vaughan

Three Fevers

30/09/20 — 17/10/20

Past Exhibition

K-Rd Clay

Johanna Pegler, Kristy Gorman, Isobel Thom, Peter Hawkesby, Amber Wilson, Samuel Hartnett, Richard Stratton, Kate Small, Karin Montgomery, Haru Sameshima, Mark Braunias, Solomon Mortimer, Vita Cochran, Warwick Freeman

09/09/20 — 25/09/20

Past Exhibition


The Gallery will be reopen from Friday 24 July at 11am. Anna is contactable during this time [email protected] or +64 21 47 10 47. Photo: Auckland Weekly News, 21 August 1935. Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections AWNS-19350821-54-1

05/07/20 — 23/07/20